Your Rural Resiliency Team

Serving Projects in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia! 

Your Rural Resiliency Team can help you plan, design and build a Resiliency Plan for your rural small business, farm or community.  Our Team supports the necessary layers to consider and guides you through every step......energy, economic, emergency power and environmentally sound project planning. 

We are also experts at helping you to find and to apply for grant funding for eligible projects! 

Let us help you apply for funding to which you and your project may be entitled. 

At your request, we will provide you with a listing of our current Team Members, their capabilities to join your Resiliency Team.   Each Team Member is an expert with an excellent track record for serving customers like you.  

A.  Solar-PV and Solar Thermal Technologies for Farms, Rural Small Businesses and Local Governments:  Our TEAM includes members whohave designed and built projects for farms and for rural small businesses that have qualified for funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's, Rural Energy for America (REAP) Grant.   To the right is the "solar canopy" covering the dog-walking area at an area AAHA-accredited veterinary hospital and pet-boarding practice. 

B.  Energy Efficiency Assessments and Technologies:  Our  TEAM includes experts who have designed projects that qualify for REAP Grants, Maryland Mathias Grants and Maryland Commercial and Industrial Building Improvements Grants, funding Grain Dryer Replacements and Lighting Replacements.  To the right is the BIKLE Manufacturing Company in Smithsburg, MD, a woman-owned small business, that obtained a USDA REAP Grant for saving energy by replacing old lighting with highly-energy-efficient LED lights. 

C.   USDA Value Added Producer Grants -- We can help your businesses expand your marketing opportunities through developing an eligible project to apply for U.S.D.A. grants. 

D.  Energy Security and Power Continuity for Critical Needs: Our TEAM offers skilled, turnkey risk assessments, strategic planning, power generation and storage technologies designed to meet your particular needs.  Essential for agricultural and food-supply industry, rural small businesses, independent schools and local governments to prevent unnecessary hardship during  and after a blackout emergency.   Grant writing experience in microgrid project planning is a unique strength.

E.  Grant Writing and Community Solar Funding Opportunities:  Our TEAM has an exceptional track record of successfully helping rural small businesses and farm clients obtain REAP Grants and bundling other funding sources for reducing the cost of a qualifying project.   Community Solar -- Local Ownership Projects is also a tool Your Rural Resiliency Team can provide to your local government, group or organization.

The next REAP Grant Due Date is October 30 2015, for projects totaling $80,000 or less and may award up to 25% of the project value or $20,000 for eligible applicants.   Contact us to learn if your farm or rural small business is eligible.

F.  Civil Engineering and Community Design -- Land Use Planning and Permitting:

Essential for all renewable energy projects is a site plan, and our TEAM members with civil engineering, community planning and landscape architecture experience can help your project be designed to optimize positive results, meet environmental and logistics goals and be ready for permitting in the shortest amount of time.