Your Rural Resiliency Team

Energy Independence -- Local Energy for Local Uses.   Our experts have years of experience designing and developing locally-owned distributed generation: solar pv, solar thermal, wind energy, batteries and CHP systems.   Well suited for Farms, Rural Small Businesses and Local Governments. 

Energy Security -- Our experts will help you design and develop a durable, cost effective system serving  your most-critical needs.  

Local energy assurance planning is a risk mitigation strategic process designed to reduce opportunity costs and to ensure that you have the power you need, for preserving mission-critical assets, public/employee safety and/or business continuity.

Community Solar/Community Wind Energy:   Opportunities 

available for forming local ownership/subscriber groups to share economic benefits of local, clean power generation.

New to Maryland, 2015 Senate Bill #398 "Community Solar Pilot Project" is useful to begin shaping your Community's local solar ownership plans.  Other models are available, too.

Energy you use daily in your business, farm operations, government or home should not be taken for granted.  It may be increasingly vulnerable to price increases and to potential limitations of availability.  Such  challenges may result from weather-related energy emergencies, cyber-attacks or from regulatory changes beyond your control.  If energy INDEPENDENCE, energy SECURITY and energy COST EFFECTIVENESS are issues of concern to you, Your Rural Resiliency

Team can help!  Contact us today! 

Serving your Farm, Family, Firm and Community